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This Where Bungie Might Lose Me

I have been playing Destiny since release and made it to a Level 27 Hunter.

Now I am at a point where it’s really forcing me to do “The Raid” because I need Ascendant Shards to upgrade my armor further. These shards seem to be extremely rare throughout the game so now I am at a point where, I don’t have any friends to do the “The Raid” with and secondly I don’t know if I want to sit through the hours involved in doing the strike anyway.

I know in nine days when Shadow of Mordor comes, I will be putting down Destiny and frankly I may not pick it up again. I have Alien Isolation coming later in October and then Master Chief Collection & Dragonage Inquisition coming in November. I believe The Masterchief Collection will hit the Destiny Xbox One population hard at least until the DLC gets released.

Back to the grind.